Sunday, May 28, 2006

About Howe

With over forty years in my profession and in my marriage, and still counting, I am a happily involved minister in the United Methodist Church who cherishes the variety of opportunities I have been given to serve, especially as a pastor, as a University chaplain, as a counselor, and as a college and seminary professor. Along the way, I have written some books and articles, and more recently, twice-monthly columns on faith, theology, and everyday living. About all of them I typically receive more gracious comments than they probably deserve, along with an ungracious comment or two more on the mark than I like to admit. My eighth book, Explorations in Faith and Belief, is posted for the taking on its own blogsite.

My wife and best friend, Nancy, and I have two daughters, Jennifer and Allison, and two grandchildren, Reiss and McKenna. If you are hesitant about telling me what you think of the postings on this site, be assured that none of these five loved ones is.